okay so like triggering me is okay but as soon as i upset someone it’s bad?? like even after i apologize and say they can feel however they want?? but i get no apology?? yeah seems fair then

you’re grouping all of us together, chris. i got off twitter as soon as i saw the original posts and i didn’t see your apology and then you deleted or something?and you didn’t just “upset” people, you triggered people too. please don’t make your actions seem lesser. you’ve also been passive-agressively vaguetweeting really really excessively without tagging “negativity for ts” which is ??? something i’ve expressed i need in the past ?? like i understand this is your new blog but. the problem is not that you made us feel like we can’t feel how we want, but that it seemed you’re looking down on us for something that keeps us alive, and i specifically cannot deal with that.

y o so i’m probably remaking because my other tumblr got way too unorganized (36,000+ likes, 25,000+ posts, jesus) and the things i posted 2 years ago are cringe-worthy 

i’m probably going to space the move out to a couple of weeks / possibly a month, though, and i’m not permanently deleting my old account as there’s just too many good memories

so if i follow you, you made it to the final cut !! woah congrats friend